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Friday, 19 June 2009

Snowdon... the pictures

I went up Snowdon last weekend, and took a few pictures, which I thought I'd post. This time, I took the Miners track up and down, since that's what we're doing on the 3 peaks.

On the A5 somewhere heading into Wales from Telford.

At Snowdon at the very beginning of the Miners path. A nice easy walk at this point. Mysti enjoying the smells of... I have no idea.

Looking down over the first mini-lake. There's actually people camping down there. Great idea!

The bigger lake, Llyn Llndaw.

Looking up from Miners Track up to Crib Goch.

Starting the first mini-climb, looking down towards Llyn Llydaw.

Getting a bit higher, still looking back towards Llyn Llydaw

Up.. up.. up.. heading towards Llyn

At Llyn Glaslyn, with Snowdon in the background. In cloud. As bloody usual.

Last part of the Miners track before the ascent upto the Pyg Trail. Mysti coming back to get me I think.

The slope that you have to climb up to reach the Pyg trail.

Ah yes. Found the cloud.

Does Mysti care? Oh no.

On the top, out of the wind. Mysti just taking it easy!

Cloud lifted a bit. Looking back towards Crib Goch.

Better view of Crib Goch here.

Just walked out of the bottom of the cloud, views starting to show. But had to get a move on because want to do it in a good time.

Looking down toward Llyn Glaslyn and in the distance Llyn Llydaw. Pyg trail and Miners track clearly visible.

Looking down from the ridge over the zig zags.

Just walking back down the zig zags. Some poor suckers coming up thinking they'd get a view (they won't).

Still heading down the zig zags. This is sooo much steeper than it looks by the way!

You guessed it... zig zags. Back earlier in the year, this was covered in snow, and I thought I was actually going to die by falling over this. Was slipppyyy!


Rejoined the Pyg trail now, walk a bit further along here and get down the side to join the Miners track.

On the path down the side to get to the Miners Track. Left the Pyg trail by now.

Lake Llydaw. Mysti desperate to go in the water. Me desperate to not let her because she needs to go in my car!

Looking towards Pen-y-pass, Mysti having got her own way... and having already dried off! (lucky it was warm!).

Well. This is probably my last walk up Snowdon now until the 3 peaks. Tomorrow it's Pen-Y-Fan down in the Breacons... then Sunday... actually I might go back to Snowdon. If it was good enough for Sir Edmund Hillary preparing for Everest, it's good enough for me!!


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