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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Next walk

I'm thinking ahead now to my next walk. I really want to head up to the Lake District to do some of the walks up there. My friend at work who is a keen hiker has shown me some walks that look gorgeous. My aim really is to walk each of the 3 peaks on their own, then maybe do the 2 nearby peaks on the same day, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, but I'm just not fit enough for that yet.

So, this weekend. Where shall I go, what shall I do?

Snowdon, again
I'm half tempted to return to Snowdon. It's simple to get to and was a very enjoyable day. I think last time I did it in about 2.5 hours from Pen-y-pass, which is respectable. However the literature for the 3 peaks suggest they need to do it in about 2. I think I couldve actually done it faster, I took my time a bit in the early stages. I think with a little effort, I could get it down to 2 hours. I'm slightly concerned that the snow will still be there from my previous trip though, and honestly that unnerved me quite a lot. I'll keep an eye on the weather again.

Scafell Pike
I'm actually very tempted to have a bash at Scafell Pike this weekend. From Telford, the Lake District is a fair old trek - something like 4 hours to Wasdale where I would set off from. I could of course take a tent and just camp there Saturday night, walking on Sunday or get a B&B. Definately worth consideration. I don't know how appropriate this one is for Mysti though, so she may need to sit this one out.

In Telford, we have a hill called the Wrekin, this is actually quite small, only about 1,200ft (as opposed to Snowdon which is well over 3000ft). I could just climb this a number of times, but to be honest, it's a little tame. Funnily enough, it used to kill me going up there, I would have to stop at least twice to get to the summit. Now I do it without getting out of breath!

Long Mynd
Also reasonably close is a place called the Long Mynd near Church Stretton. This is a nice hill of sorts, but again, I don't think it will necessarily do what I need.

Just a really long walk
I'm also considering just doing a really long road walk rather than a full on climb. I'm not sure if there is much merit in doing this though, since I expect my running will give me all the benefits for that.

Plane Wrecks
I have a book of plane wrecks in the highlands of the UK. In Northumberland I've visited quite a few of the sites. But there is also a raft of them in Wales. My concern though is that these places tend to be off the beaten track. Since I seem to be walking alone, I think I would prefer to stay to more well used places, like Snowdon.

So really I'm not sure what I want to do yet, but I definately want to do something challenging. Nothing seems to compare to Snowdon though!


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