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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Just running

Well, I didn't actually go anywhere this weekend, instead I opted for some (more) time on the treadmill. I had intended to go to Snowdon, but when I saw the weather on the met office, they have gale force wind warnings out for it. I didn't fancy getting blown away to be honest.

On another note, another colleague at work has decided he's going to do the 3 peaks challenge as well. Also, I signed up to this website where you post sort of classifieds for hillwalking partners, and have had a couple of responses for that. I'm thinking, well, hoping, that my days of walking alone are coming to an end. To be honest, I'm not entirely comfortable doing that.

Today I bought myself some more stuff that they say is needed for the three peaks, head touches, etc. I'm still deciding whether or not I should buy walking poles or not. They're not hugely expensive, only about £20 each, so I might just go for it.

Also my friend Ali has suggested she might be up for a bit of camping sometime, little does she know she'll also be dragged up the side of some bloody enormous mountains!!! (Sorry Ali, only kidding!! Honest ;)

So that's it really, a complete washout weekend!! But I got some runs in at least!


At 22 March 2009 at 20:10 , Anonymous Ali said...

That is not going to happen. I will happily cheer you on from the pub at the bottom of the hill! x

At 22 March 2009 at 21:35 , Blogger 3 Peaks Paul said...

You know very well should there be a pub to cheer me on from, I would rather be in the pub!


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